Te Kakano Marae will be hired under the following terms: 

Hire Rates

  • Booking Fee: $100.00 payable to Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae committee
  • $300.00 daily administration and laundry fee inclusive of GST will apply to all accounts.
  • $55.00 per adult or $25.00 per child per day will apply if Marae Catering for any event is required;
  • All inquiries will be warmly followed up by our Bookings Team who can be contacted on this page and they will contact you at the earliest convenience to discuss your needs and inquiries
  • First time visitors to the Marae shall go through a Pohiri protocol process prior to use of our facilities
  • A Full Costings and Administration Report of all accounts with adjustments made by Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae committee will be used to settle the completion of hireage with a letter of release by our Bookings Team
  • Members of the Parish - Inquiries please discuss with our Bookings Team

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      Marae Bookings

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        Hirage & Conditions of Use

 Te Kakano Church Services

Church Service 
Sundays 10.00am - 11.30am
(Service followed 
with a light lunch)

Cell Group Meetings 

Prayer Sessions

Cell Sessions

Music Sessions


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Conditions of use

  • The Booking Fee payment of $100.00 will confirm the reservation of the Marae. In the event a booking is cancelled 7 DAYS before the confirmed and agreed reservation, the client shall forfeit the $100.00 booking fee. A full refund will apply if cancellation is made before the 7 day cut off period.
  • If the client fails to leave the complex in a clean and tidy condition, and or should any damage or loss of property occur, cleaning and replacement charges may apply and a claim by the Marae Trust Board may be made against the client.
  • The user will be responsible for the maintenance of good order and behavior in all parts of the Marae complex being used and all walkways and exits be kept clear at all times for any emergency situation .
  • The cost of the disposal of rubbish will be the responsibility of the Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae committee 
  • Te Kakano O Te Aroha marae is a Drug and Alcohol Free Complex therefore a zero tolerance policy is in place at all times and shall apply where alcohol or Liquor, solvent sniffing, illegal drugs, abusive language of any kind is strictly forbidden on the Marae complex. Medically prescribed prescriptions are of course exempt .
  • The taking of photographs or video by any electronic or mechanical device, cell phone or camera is not allowed however if there is a necessary need to record an event, please discuss this at time of booking.  
  • Footwear must be removed before entering the meeting house.
  • Mattresses are not to be used without sheets.
  • All used linen is to be counted and bundled up ready for laundering.
  • After use, mattresses and pillows must be stored in the area indicated by the Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae Committee.
  • Except under special circumstances, animals are not allowed within the Marae complex.

  • All applications for hire of the Marae once accepted between the client and the Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae Committee Member shall remain between the client and the Committee Member. 
  • The Te Kakano Trust Board has authorized the Te Kakano Marae Committee to act on its behalf
Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae
Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae
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