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 Te Kakano Church Services

Church Service 
Sundays 10.00am - 11.30am
(Service followed 
with a light lunch)

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Hirage of Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae

The Kawa and Tikanga of the Marae is Paeke.


Location:  The Marae is located central to the Moera shopping center enjoying direct bus and taxi services outside the door, money machine with space ideal for private functions, seminars etc.  

The Marae is located at 136 Randwick Road, Moera, just across the road and sits central to the Moera shopping center, which is on the main road going through to Lower Hutt through the township. Te Kakano O Te Aroha is a drug and alcohol free Marae which has a zero tolerance policy.  

Meeting House:  Wall heating, wall to wall carpet, mattresses, sheets, pillows and slips.  In accordance with safety regulations, the maximum number of people to sleep in the house is 40.

Preparations:  The Meeting house will be prepared by representatives of the Te Kakano who will be available during your stay to advise and offer services and general information about points of interest in our region

Kitchen:  Commercial gas oven, eight ring gas cook top, cooler, crockery, utensils etc.

Dining room:  Accommodates 40 people

Toilets/showers:  Marae toilet and shower facilities 

Parking:  The Marae atea has minimal parking available with off street parking available close by  

Rights:  The Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae Committee reserves the right to review all conditions online when necessary.

Special Note:  

  • Sunday Services are held every Sunday 10.00am - 11.30am - followed with a light lunch.
  • Under extreme circumstances, Church services maybe moved to another venue. Parish members will be notified well in advance.
  • In the event of a Tangi (funeral)Te Kakano Trust Board has determined that such an event may have priority and should such an event occur, the hirer will be notified accordingly and could or may be asked to vacate and or assistance to find an alternative venue would be discussed
  • Parish Meetings shall be called by the Te Kakano Trust Board and shall precede the Sunday Church Service after a light meal.
Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae
Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae

Te Kakano Trust Board

Tamati Cairns

Joe McLeod

Chum Te Whata

Tamati Cairns, Joe McLeod, Tokai Nohotima, Leena Natana, Heather Maatamua

Hine Nohotima, Hector Rurehe, Pastor Araiti Remuera

Moderator: Rev Marina Rakuraku

Pastor Araiti and Maia Remuera

Tokai Nohotima, Jock Paku, Kui Paku

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TE Kakano Trust Board
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 Te Kakano Church Services

Anei ra e Ihowa o na Mano, kia whakapiritata mai koe kia matou i tenei wa me nga wa katoa, kia manaatkitia, awhinatiamai koe, tautokotia mai koe kia matou nga morehu o tenei marae i nga wa katoa i raro te matua, te whaea, te tama, te wairua tapu me nga anahera pono... amine