Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae
The fire symbol found on the left side of the wall represents  BURNING BUSH OF MOSES experienced when Moses climbed Mount Sinai with the church motto meaning "burning, but not consumed".
The TAKARANGI SYMBOL in the right of the wall is the three stranded symbol that represents love - Aroha (gold), joy - Koa (white) and peace - Aio (green). The flame above represents its mauri 
Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae - History brief

The early settlers of the Lower Hutt area were in the domain of the local Maori people.  As the settlers started to develop the area and expand out towards the domain of the local Maori residence this particular area was known then as Moe-i-te-ra translating to sleep in the sun. This name soon eventuated to Moera although shorter in terms of wording, the essence remained the same "sleep in the sun".

St Stephens Parish on Woburn Road had established a Sunday school hall in 1928 on Randwick road which years later is now our main hall "the church center" of Te Kakano O Te Aroha church Marae. 

In Waiwhetu another church (St Luke's Parish) was established and they took over the hall and incorporated it as part of their new Parish in 1944 as their first meeting place. In time St Luke's built another church and the hall was later used as a play center for the local children. 

1986 the Rev Ministers Eric & Meri Caton were seconded to the Pastorate that allowed them to use of the hall to preach the word of God in their services. St Luke's had intended to sell the property but they instead gifted the hall to the Pastorate. In poor state and need of repairs. A seed was sown that a new church Marae was to be built to offer a base for its new congregation and fellowship under the eyes of our lord. Truly inspired by this offer of good faith a Trust was setup and organized to begin its transformation. Led by people such as the Reverend John Murray, the late Sir John Marshall, the project was soon supported by the community, the Governor General Sir Paul Reeves and the many hands that made it happen. 

Totara stored at Te Maungarongo Marae in Ohope was transported down to Wellington and carved at the New Zealand Railways workshops by Master carver and Tohunga Barnie Rangitauia, the tukutuku panels in particular the large tukutuku mural depicting the last supper in the sanctuary with our lord Jesus Christ was skillfully crafted by Erana Manihera to whom a great many blessings and prayers has been bestowed upon them and their many helpers. 

Continuing under the ever watchful eye of Reverend Eric Caton, the Marae was ready to play its part in the 150th anniversary celebrations of the first Presbyterian church service on New Zealand soil. The Marae although not quite completed, the celebrations were held and very much appreciated by the church. Over time Te Kakano O Te Aroha Marae  has enjoyed a complete cycle serving its people under the Takarangi banner of love, peace and joy every day. 

The Marae is home to many people from all walks of life with many events and happenings continuing to carry our people forward into the new world under the fellowship of our lord.

Te Kakano Marae provides and takes part in many services and social gatherings that unite and bring people together from all four corners of the world. Every Sunday the Marae transforms into its spiritual realm offering Sunday Mass for the whole family followed by a light meal, with bible studies, prayer meetings, choir, kapahaka, cultural and social gatherings, training sessions for social services, cooking, karakia, waiata, powhiri, moteatea, mihi, civil defence training, meeetings and exercises, meetings, board meetings, birthdays, funerals, to name but a few of our potential services that we provide.... 

Te Kakano Marae is also home to many Ngai Tuhoe whanau who live in the Wellington region steeped in history working and maintaining a strong presence and partnership with local iwi Ngati Toa and Atiawa.  

Today the marae is governed by the Te Kakano Trust Board. Operations and management of the marae is run by the Te Kakano o Te Aroha Marae Committee and our Church services are managed by the Te Kakano Parish Ministry with our services preached in Te Reo and English every Sunday.
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